Destination Hong Kong

Religion and Beliefs

Hong Kong is a multicultural and secular city with a multiracial population living in harmony. Tolerance for the customs and traditions of all religions and ethnic groups is part of the city’s cosmopolitan philosophy. People are free to openly worship according to their own beliefs.

There are three prominent religions in Hong Kong. These are Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Buddhism originally came from India and Confucianism originated in China. Besides these three major religions some other minor religions also exist in Hong Kong. These are Islam, Christianity, Shamanism, Dongba religion of the Maxi people and also the Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

Hong Kong can be termed as a religious city in China. You can see various temples, monasteries and shrines of various religions spread out all over the city of Hong Kong. Among the 600 temples in Hong Kong, most are Buddhist or Taoist temples. These temples are really beautiful and full of activities all the time. People in this city also have faith in various Chinese Deities along with Buddha. You should also not be shocked if you see shrines in the stores and offices in Hong Kong. Kitchen God is another very famous Deity worshipped in Hong Kong.