Bali Family Adventure

A 10 day exploration through Bali covering every facet of Balinese culture and adventure one could wish for; from dance performances to elephant trekking, rice field trekking and white water rafting. To the uninitiated, Bali might seem just like another popular tourist destination, but for anyone who visits its shores, it is impossible not to be touched by a certain magic from the 'Island of the Gods'.

The predominantly Hindu island, gives visitors the chance to have a unique and fascinating cultural experience, while still being able to partake in any number of exciting or relaxing activities, like surfing, trekking, massage and diving. Bali is an island paradise, with lush rice field terraces, stunning volcano and lake views and beautiful beaches, but it is often the warmth and friendliness of the Balinese people, that make any stay on the island so memorable.

On our travels we trek through lush countryside to visit Pod Chocolate Factory & Cafe on the grounds of Bali Elephant Camp. Here we can witness the chocolate creation process, from ‘the bean to the bars’ and you will of course also have the opportunity to sample the creations. The next adventure is an Elephant ride: the experience of sitting high atop an elephant in a teak wood chair, through the cool jungle, is an experience you'll never forget. Get up close and personal with these incredible animals in a beautiful natural setting.