CEO Message

“Destination Asia is not only committed to creating experiences that truly open the traveller’s mind to the real cultures and natural wonders of the Far East but which are delivered to the participants flawlessly ... every time every day of the year.”

Our ultimate goal therefore is that our customers – every one of them – are so immersed in the spiritual and natural life of Asia after using our services that they become “expedition ambassadors” on behalf of all of the most dynamic continent in the world… the exotic Asia.

We believe that the creative drive of our management, staff and shareholders to succeed will ensure that our clients – you – will receive the absolute pinnacle of personalised service and product delivery. Ultimately our goal is to assist you in expanding your market share and growing your business. Your success is our success!

The Destination Asia Group was formed in 1996. Experienced travel executives and managers saw a niche market opportunity for a travel firm that, being owned by its own staff, could provide travel services solely responsive to the needs of the client and not the whims of any international corporate conglomerate.

We were encouraged by travel partners in all parts of the world who valued our knowledge and dedication to creative product delivery. In short, our clients and travel associates wanted a customer focused DMC… and we realized this could only happen if we, the staff, owned the company and created products we knew you wanted.

Destination Asia Thailand and Destination Asia Vietnam were the first units of the Destination Asia Group to be formed. From these two initial successes, Destination Asia China, Japan, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Indonesia, Burma, Singapore, Malaysia and Laos have evolved, further strengthening our association within the region.