Exotic Chin Hills

4 days 3 nights | Bagan, Kampatlat, Mindat

Prepare yourself for an adventurous journey visiting Chin hill tribes and meeting Chin tribal women known for their striking facial tattoo patterns, exploring the subtropical flora and fauna, and trekking to the animist Kyar Do village.

  • Embark on an adventurous journey to visit the Chin hill tribes in Kampatlat.
  • Explore the subtropical flora and fauna of Nat Ma Taung National Park.
  • Spend the night at the base camp of Mount Victoria, the highest mountain in Chin State.
  • Trek to the animist village of Kyar Do to meet with the locals.


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What to Expect:

Rich in culture and abundant ecological attractions, Chin State in western Myanmar provides an exceptional setting for visitors to mountaineer and hike through its alluring villages. Catch an early morning flight to Bagan, where you'll transfer to a private vehicle and drive six hours to Kampatlat in Chin State, renowned for its beautiful scenery. The following morning, drive roughly one hour from Kampatlat to the base camp of Mount Victoria. Standing at 3,100m above sea level, Mount Victoria, also known as Khaw-nu-soum, is the highest mountain in Chin State. After spending one night at base camp, descend the hill and cross the river to reach the animist village of Kyar Do, a traditional village where the older generation is devout animist. Considered the most traditional village in the area, here guests will see houses decorated with skulls of hunted animals and a cemetery believed to be 700 years old. Stay overnight in Mindat before driving back to Bagan the following morning.