April 2022

Traditional Celebrations

Ramadan (1 – 30 April) starts towards the end of April and is mainly celebrated in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Qingming Festival (3 – 5 April) in China is a time for the Chinese people to honour their ancestors and pay respect to the dead. This is done by cleaning the tombs of the deceased while burning offerings at the site. Ching Ming is also observed in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

The Thay Phuong Pagoda Festival (5 – 7 April) is held just outside of Hanoi and sees hundreds of pilgrims travel from across the country to enjoy the pagoda's beautiful scenery and architecture.

In Vietnam, celebrations occur for one of the most important holidays, Hung Kings Commemoration Day (10 April), with a joyous occasion that is centred on traditional Vietnamese culture and values.

New Year is celebrated across much of Asia in April. In Thailand it is known as Songkran (13 – 15 April); Choul Chhnam Khmer (14 – 16 April) in Cambodia; Pi Mai Lao (14 – 16 April) in Laos, and Thingyan (13 – 16 April) in Myanmar. Xishuangbanna in China’s Yunnan Province also holds the Water Splashing Festival (13 – 15 April) to mark the occasion.

Takayama Matsuri or 'Haru no Takayama Matsuri' (14 – 15 April), is one of Japan’s most visually striking festivals to celebrate the coming of spring. The Takayama Festival is ranked as one of Japan's three most beautiful festivals, held twice a year in spring and autumn.

Galungan (14 April) is celebrated by Balinese people every six months as per the Balinese calendar. Galungan celebrates the victory of good (Dharma) over evil (Adharma) and encourages the Balinese to show their gratitude with offerings, prayer, and dance. It also marks the time when ancestral spirits of deceased relatives visit the Earth. The last day of the celebration is Kuningan (24 April), when they leave earth.

Popa Ceremony (29 April) takes place at Mount Popa in Myanmar - a vast volcanic mountain located southeast of Bagan. It is said that the area is home to Mahagiri, the most important of all the nats, spirits worshipped by the Myanmar people. During the festival, pilgrims ascend the mountain to take part in traditional dances, making it a very crowded yet spiritual festival.

Golden Week (29 April – 5 May) in Japan is an extremely popular time for domestic travel. Festivities run from Showa Day (29 April) which honours the memory of the previous Emperor, to Children’s Day (5 May) and includes the adjacent weekends.

International Events

Bali Spirit Festival (5 – 10 April) is a spiritually charged event that celebrates yoga, dance and music, and the synergy of global cultural collaboration through the arts in Bali.

Join 40,000 spectators at the Hong Kong Sevens (2 – 4 April) for one of the world's most electrifying rugby events. Following on from the Hong Kong Sevens and next on the rugby circuit is the Singapore Sevens (9 – 10 April), held at Singapore’s National Stadium in the heart of the city.

IBTM Asia Pacific (5 – 6 April) is the leading event for the meetings and events industry in the region, bringing together a high calibre group of international, APAC regional and local meeting planners and exhibitors for two days of pre-scheduled one-to-one business meetings, education, and networking.

The biennial Singapore International Water Week (17 – 21 April) gathers stakeholders from the global water industry to share best practices, showcase the latest technologies, and tap into business opportunities.

Since its first edition in 2004, the Shanghai Formula One Grand Prix has worked its way up in order to become one of most exciting races of the season. Later in the month, the biennial Beijing International Automotive takes place in Beijing. During the year the show is not held in Beijing, the Shanghai International Auto Show is held in Pudong, Shanghai.

The Ubud Food Festival is Asia’s leading culinary celebration, with the spotlight on Indonesian food and its food industry members shining brighter than ever. It will be bringing together some of the greatest culinary names from across the archipelago and beyond.