January 2022

Traditional Celebrations

Ananda Pagoda Festival (11 – 16 January) takes place in Bagan exactly one week preceding the full moon. Villagers from around Bagan attend and camp next to the pagoda in their bullock and horse carts.

The Naga New Year (14 – 16 January) is the Naga's biggest festival and sees various Naga tribes in northeast Myanmar join to celebrate, making it the perfect opportunity to see a variety of different Naga communities come together.

Thaipusam (18 January) is observed in Singapore and Malaysia as a highly symbolic Hindu festival celebrated in honour of Lord Murugan who represents virtue, youth and power to Hindus and is the destroyer of evil.

The Tibetan New Year (31 January), also known as Losar, occurs on the first day of the second lunar month, during which 'sacred pills' of barley are eaten to wish the Dalai Lama a prosperous new year.

Vietnamese New Year (31 January – 4 February) is known as TET and is the most important event in Vietnamese culture. It is usually celebrated on the same day as Chinese New Year. We would advise booking well in advance if you do want to travel in Vietnam at this time.

Chinese New Year (31 January – 6 February), or as it is known in China - the Spring Festival, is the main event of the month. It’s the most important celebration in the calendar for Chinese people, with family members travelling back to their hometown to join loved ones. Bright colours and non-stop celebrations mark this auspicious, energy-fuelled event. Travellers can join joyous processions, explore seasonal markets, watch riveting lion dances and share in the jubilant atmosphere.

The Gunbing Festival is a folk custom taking place during January in Harbin, China. Stemming from an old folk legend, on the night of Yuan Xiao people gather together on the frozen river and light candles, before rolling on the ground to rid themselves of bad luck and roll in the good luck.

International Events

The world's largest ice festival, the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival (5 January – 5 February), takes place every year in China’s Harbin City. This annual event attracts artists and ice sculpting experts from all over the world.

Watch the heavyweights in action at one of Japan's most prestigious sumo events, the Grand Sumo Tournament (9 – 23 January), in Tokyo. Held every January, this is the first of Japan's six annual Sumo Tournaments, known as honbasho.

The Ho Chi Minh Marathon (9 January) presents a fun and challenging opportunity for runners of all levels come together in Vietnam’s dynamic southern region, while the first edition of the Vietnam Trail Marathon (15 January) showcases the majestic, hidden trails of Moc Chau in the North.

Singapore Art Week (14 – 23 January) is a nine-day celebration of the visual arts will take place in venues across Singapore; from galleries and museums to art precincts and independent art spaces.

The Bay Regatta (26 – 30 January) is Thailand’s most scenic regatta. Now in its 24th year, the race returns with new routes and venues for 5 days of yacht racing and social events around Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi.

Throughout January visit Thailand’s Red Lotus Sea Festival in Udon Thani, Borsang Umbrella & Sankamphaeng Craft Festival in Chiang Mai, and the Colours of Doi Tung and Chiang Rai ASEAN Flowers Fair in Chiang Rai.