June 2023

Traditional Celebrations

The Yosakoi Soran Festival (8-12 June, Japan) is an energetic dance event based on the Yosakoi Festival of Kochi Prefecture, featuring naruko clappers and Hokkaido’s Soran Bushi folk melodies. The main venue is Odori Park, where dances are performed both on stage and as a parade.

The Parasite-Killing Festival (22 June, Vietnam) is a big occasion in Vietnam where the agriculture industry is of great importance. Its purpose is to prevent pestilence and disease, as well as enhance the prevention of evils and illnesses.

The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Race (22 June, Hong Kong) is an ancient Chinese festival that in Hong Kong, has become one of the world’s greatest parties. Every year, boats, beers and cheers draw hundreds of thousands of revelers and spectators to the stunning Victoria Harbour.

The Singapore Dragon Boat Festival (22 June, Singapore) is a widely celebrated event in the Lion City. Aside from watching dragon boats and their crews perform on the waves, the festival involves other things like eating plenty of delicious foods.

The Borneo Rainforest World Music Festival (23-25 June, Malaysia) is a unique music festival that brings together renowned world musicians from all continents, and indigenous musicians from the interiors of the mythical island of Borneo.

Bali Arts Festival (Date TBA, Indonesia) celebrates the arts and culture of Bali with daily performances, handicraft exhibitions and other cultural activities during which time the whole of Bali comes to life with offerings of dance, music, and beauty.

International Events

The CommunicAsia Exhibition (7-10 Jun, Singapore) is amongst the largest platforms organised for the ICT industry in the Asia-Pacific region. It draws global industry brands to showcase key and emerging technologies.

The Annual Laguna Phuket Marathon (10-11 June, Thailand) includes a full marathon, half marathon, 10 km and 5 km walking marathon, as well as a marathon for children covering 2 km.

Kraton Garebeg (Date TBA, Indonesia) is one of many royal ceremonies still preserved by the Palace of Yogyakarta.