Public Holidays 2023 - All Countries

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1 January: New Year's Day (Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos)

2 January: New Year's Day Substitution (Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong)

4-5 January: Galungan (Indonesia)

7 January: Victory Against Pol Pot Genocide (Cambodia)

9 January: Coming of Age Day (Japan)

20-26 January: TET - Lunar New Year (Vietnam)

22 January: Chinese New Year (Indonesia)

22-23 January: Chinese New Year (Singapore)

22-24 January: Chinese New Year (Malaysia)

22-25 January: Chinese New Year (Hong Kong)


1 February: Federal Territory Day (Malaysia: Holiday in Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya & Labuan)

5 February: Thaipusam (Malaysia: KL, Penang, Johor, Negeri, Sembilan, Perak & Putrajaya & Selangor) - Replacement day on 6 February

8 February: Meak Bochea (Cambodia)

11 February: National Foundation Day (Japan)

18 February: Isra Mi'raj (Indonesia & Malaysia)

23 February: Emperor's Birthday (Japan)


6 March: Makha Bucha Day (Thailand)

8 March:International Women's Day (Cambodia & Laos)

21 March: Spring Equinox (Japan)

22-23 March: Nyepi Day (Indonesia: Holiday in Bali)

23 March: Awal Ramadan (Malaysia: Holiday in Kedah, Johor & Melaka)


5 April: Ching Ming Festival (Hong Kong)

6 April: Chakri Day (Thailand)

7 April: Good Friday (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia: Sabah & Sarawak)

7-10 April: Easter (Hong Kong)

8 April: Nuzul Al-Quran (Malaysia: Holiday in Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Perlis, Putrajaya & Selangor)

13-15 April: Songkran Festival (Thailand)

14-16 April: Lao New Year (Laos)

14-16 April: Khmer New Year (Cambodia)

22-23 April: Hari Raya Idul Fitri (Indonesia)

22-24 April: Hari Raya Idul Fitri (Malaysia, Singapore)

29 April: Hung Kings Commemoration Day (Vietnam)

29 April: Showa Day (Japan)

30 April: Reunification Day (Vietnam)


1 May: Labor Day (Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia & Laos)

1-3 May: Hung King Celebration & Liberation Day (Vietnam)

3 May: Constitutional Memorial Day (Japan)

4 May: Greenery Day (Japan)

4 May: Visak Bochea Day (Cambodia & Malaysia)

4 May: H.M. King Vajiralongkorn's Coronation Day (Thailand)

5 May: Children's Day (Japan)

8 May: Royal Ploughing Day (Cambodia)

14 May: King Sihamoni's Birthday (Cambodia)

26 May: Buddha's Birthday (Hong Kong)

30-31 May: Harvest Festival (Malaysia: Holiday in Sabah & Labuan)


1 June: International Children's Day (Laos)

1 June: Pancasila Day (Indonesia)

3 June: Vesak Day (Indonesia, Singapore)

5 June: Visakha Bucha Day (Thailand)

5 June: Agong's Birthday (Malaysia)

19 June: Queen Mother's Birthday (Cambodia)

22 June: Dragon Boat Festival (Hong Kong)

29 June: Hari Raya Haji (Singapore)

30 June: Hari Raya Haji (Malaysia)

29 June: Idul Adha (Indonesia)


1 July: Hong Kong SAR Establishment Day (Hong Kong)

7 July: George Town World Heritage City Day (Malaysia: Holiday in Penang)

8 July: Penang Governor's Birthday (Malaysia: Holiday in Penang)

17 July: Marine Day (Japan)

19 July: Awal Muharram (Malaysia, Indonesia)

28 July: H.M. The King's Birthday (Thailand)


1 August: Asarna Bucha Day (Thailand)

2-3 August: Galungan Day (Indonesia)

9 August: National Day (Singapore)

11 August: Mountain Day (Japan)

12 August: Kuningan Day (Indonesia)

14 August: Mother's Day & H.M. the Queen Mother's Birthday (Thailand)

17 August: Indonesian Independence Day (Indonesia)

31 August: Merdeka Day (Malaysia)


2 September: National Day (Vietnam)

16 September: Malaysia Day (Malaysia)

18 September: Respect for the Aged Day (Japan)

23 September: Autumn Equinox (Japan)

24 September: Constitution Day (Cambodia)

28 September: Prophet Muhammad's Birthday (Malaysia, Indonesia)

30 September: Day following the Mid-Autumn Festival (Hong Kong)


1-2 October: National Day (Hong Kong)

7 October: Sabah Governor's Birthday (Malaysia: Holiday in Sabah)

9 October: Sports Day (Japan)

13 October: Memorial Day - Commemoration of the passing of H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Thailand)

13 October: Bon Pchum Ben - Ancestor's Day (Cambodia)

13 October: Boun Ok Phansa (Laos)

23 October: Substitution for Chulalongkorn Day (Thailand)

23 October: Chung Yeung Festival (Hong Kong)

29 October: Commemoration of King's Norodom Sihanouk (Cambodia)


3 November: Culture Day (Japan)

9 November: Independence Day (Cambodia)

12 November: Deepvali (Singapore, Malaysia: Except Sarawak)

22 November: That Luang Festival (Laos)

23 November: Labor Thanksgiving Day (Japan)

26-29 November: Water Festival Ceremony (Cambodia)


5 December: Father's Day (Thailand)

11 December: Constitution Day (Thailand)

11 December: Sultan of Selangor's Birthday (Malaysia: Holiday in Selangor)

24 December: Christmas Eve (Malaysia: Holiday in Sabah)

25 December: Christmas Day (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia)

26 December: Boxing Day (Hong Kong, Malaysia)

31 December: New Year’s Eve (Thailand)