Leisure Travel Styles

Allowing for greater customization and flexibility, our product portfolio is categorised into 11 travel styles. This provides a more succinct online journey for our partners exploring products while aligning our offering with current travel trends. Our travel styles also allow for greater innovation in categories such as Offbeat and Self-guided tours, while providing exceptional experiences within growing segments such as Family, Luxury, and Wellness. In line with our commitment to being a more responsible DMC, Responsible Travel has been integrated across all travel styles. Our responsible travel products are promoted within all styles and aim to contribute towards a sustainable society and planet.

To assist in the creation of meaningful and sustainable products, four themes help guide product development to ensure these experiences can be put into practice on the ground. For a product to represent one of the themes, it must fulfil the requirements of at least one criteria – and within a single product, it is possible to have multiple themes. The themes are: Local Engagement (engaging at local grass-roots level within the community); Reduced Footprint (lessening our impact on the planet by limiting harmful emissions and waste); Giving Back (making tourism a positive force by providing support where it is needed most); and Immersive Conservation (protecting wildlife and the natural world through ethical experiences).


Full details of Destination Asia’s responsible product themes and criteria can be found here:
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