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Kuala Lumpur is the capital city and focal point of the ‘new’ Malaysia. While the city’s past is evident in the nostalgic British colonial buildings, the future is apparent in the form of gleaming towering skyscrapers. The city boasts world class meeting and event facilities supported by major highways, an efficient rail network, thriving central business district and pleasant nightlife that caters for the capital’s multi-cultural population.

The Malaysian Peninsula is also home to the fabulous destinations of Langkawi and Penang that combine glorious seaside, colonial grandeur and a deeply relaxing atmosphere. These are ideal choices for a peaceful and indulgent beach holiday. A flight of about 90 minutes across the South China Sea brings you to the east Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah, which are vastly different from their western neighbor.

This is one of the lushest, unspoiled and vividly beautiful places on Earth, with miles of rainforest, picturesque highlands, hidden waterfalls and a cornucopia of exotic plant and wildlife. With national parks, reserves and animal sanctuaries, plus countless experiences carefully designed to bring you up close to the natural world; this is a place that will truly bring out the explorer in you.

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