December 2024

Traditional Celebrations

The River Kwai Bridge Week Festival (Date TBA, Thailand) in Kanchanaburi is a vibrant annual event commemorating World War II history. With cultural performances, light shows, and memorial service, the festival honours the legacy of the infamous bridge, offering a unique blend of remembrance, entertainment, and community spirit along the picturesque River Kwai.

The Chichibu Night Festival (2-3 Dec, Japan) is the festival of Chichibu Shrine in Chichibu, just 90 minutes from central Tokyo. One of the festival's main attractions is a two-and-a-half-hour fireworks display. Additionally, the streets are lined with stands selling festival foods and amazake (sweet rice wine) to combat the cold December night.

The Hagoita-Ichi or Battledore Fair (Date TBA, Japan) takes place near the Hondo or main hall of Senso-ji Temple. Some 50 open-air stalls selling hagoita (battledores), shuttlecocks, kites, and other New Year decorations stand huddled together with people visiting from all over the country. This is a traditional fair dating back to the Edo Period.

The Winter Solstice Festival (21 Dec, Hong Kong) has its origins in the Chinese concept of yin and yang, which represents balance and harmony in life. It’s believed that the yin qualities of darkness and cold are at their most powerful on the shortest day of the year, but also at their turning point to give way to the light and warmth of yang. For this reason, the Winter Solstice Festival is a time for optimism.

Hong Kong Pulse 3D Light Show (Date TBA, Hong Kong) is an exhilarating multimedia light show including spectacular light performances, 3D projections, music, and sound effects. Held at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Open Piazza, this display coincides with Hong Kong Winterfest.

Hong Kong Winterfest (Throughout December, Hong Kong) is a series of festive events, held over the Christmas and New Year period. It features a giant Christmas tree in Statue Square, harbourfront pyrotechnic shows, and various festive markets, stalls and wonderlands to explore. The festival ends with a jubilant fireworks display that rings in the New Year and lights up the night sky over Victoria Harbour.

International Events

Christmas on a Great Street (Throughout December, Singapore) is a spectacular display of Christmas lights along Singapore’s famed shopping belt, Orchard Road. With no shortage of exciting events, Instagram-worthy sights, and a myriad of retail and restaurant choices, there's no better place to embrace the season of joy.

The Amazing Thailand Marathon Bangkok (Date TBA, Thailand) is the latest addition to Thailand's running calendar. Runners will enjoy a unique city-centric course that will take them past some of Bangkok’s amazing landmarks. Choose from a full marathon (42.195km), half-marathon (21.1km), 10 km, and 3.5 km.

The Angkor Wat International Half Marathon 2024 (1 Dec, Cambodia) is the 29th edition of this charity race. This internationally recognized half marathon raises relief for the victims of antipersonnel mines in Cambodia.

The New Year's Eve Countdown (31 Dec, Thailand) transforms the city into a vibrant hub of excitement and anticipation. The event includes stunning fireworks displays and lively street parties throughout the city with ICONSIAM becoming the focal point of festivities, hosting a large countdown event as the main attraction.

Lovely December (Throughout December, Indonesia) is an event held by the government of Tana Toraja. It features a variety of artworks of Tana Toraja culture and customs.