November 2024

Traditional Celebrations

Deepavali (29 Oct - 3 Nov, Singapore) is a Hindu celebration of the triumph of light over darkness. Bright colours, tantalising aromas, and the light of a thousand oil lamps fill the streets of Little India during Deepavali.

The River Kwai Bridge Week Festival (Date TBA, Thailand) in Kanchanaburi is a vibrant annual event commemorating World War II history. With cultural performances, light shows, and memorial service, the festival honours the legacy of the infamous bridge, offering a unique blend of remembrance, entertainment, and community spirit along the picturesque River Kwai.

During the Daimyo Procession (3 Nov, Japan) a crowd of up to 200 people dressed as samurai warriors and princesses parade over a distance of some 6km through a spring town in historical Hakone.

Bon Om Teuk (14-16 Nov, Cambodia) is an event planned around the lunar calendar, signifying the end of the wet season. The focus is on long boat races where teams of paddlers from different villages compete against each other. There are large events in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh and smaller events in every regional capital city. It's a fun event with a carnival atmosphere not to be missed.

Yi Peng Festival (15-16 Nov, Thailand) is a traditional Lanna-style event with a flying lantern contest creating a spectacular sight to behold. The festival of lights in Northern Thailand is similar to Loy Krathong, except lights are placed into sky lanterns which float up into the air rather than floating on water.

The Lopburi Monkey Banquet (24 Nov, Thailand) is an extraordinary annual event held in the ancient city of Lopburi and takes place at the Phra Prang Sam Yot temple. A banquet is prepared by the locals to honour long-tailed macaque monkeys who are considered sacred and believed to bring good luck. The festival celebrates the bond between the local people of Lopburi and the monkeys.

Loy Krathong (27 Nov, Thailand) is a traditional family festival with stunning lamp parades, firework displays, performances, and busy markets. The festival represents a new start and the release of any anger or grudges by making buoyant decorations which are then floated on a river or lake.

International Events

The Hong Kong Great November Feast (1-30 Nov, Hong Kong) boasts a myriad of culinary events that showcase the city's vibrant food scene. From gourmet dining to street food, it's a gastronomic journey celebrating diverse flavours and cultures.

The Singapore FinTech Festival (6-8 Nov, Singapore) is a global showcase of cutting-edge financial technology held at the Singapore Expo Convention & Exhibition Centre. Attended by financial and technology industry leaders, policymakers, and students, the event fosters innovation and discussion, and creates networking opportunities from peers from around the world.

The Loy Krathong Light and Sound Show (10-16 Nov, Thailand) is set amidst the ancient ruins of Sukhothai Historical Park. The event features vibrant light displays, cultural performances, and a magical ambiance. Attendees experience the enchanting traditions of Loy Krathong and a light and sound show that transports spectators through the rich history of Sukhothai.

The Grand Sumo Tournament (10-26 Nov, Japan) held at the Fukuoka Kokusai Centre, is a riveting display of traditional Japanese sport. This event is the final of Japan's six Sumo Tournaments where sumo wrestlers, clad in ceremonial attire, engage in fierce competitions, showcasing strength and skill.

The MotoGP 2024 (13 Nov, Malaysia) in Kuala Lumpur promises high-octane excitement as world-class motorcycle racers converge for thrilling races on the Sepang International Circuit.