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A Taste of the Thai Countryside

Get a taste of the Thai countryside and learn more about the daily routines of Thai people during our ‘Taste of the Thai Countryside’ excursion.

Explore Padar Island with Splendour Charters

Once home to three different species of the mighty Komodo dragon, Padar Island is still inhabited by a remarkable array of wildlife, including sharks, manta rays, green turtles, dolphins and occasionally even whales inhabit its surrounding ocean.

Bird Watching in Sabah

Borneo is mind-blowingly rich in Biodiversity. The rainforest wonderlands of Borneo are home to a diverse range of tropical life that includes a seemingly endless number of exotic bird species.

Private Noh theatre Experience in Central Tokyo

Noh is a symbolic form of theatre adapted from Japanese traditional literature with a 600 year history. Originally performed for the shogun (the military ruling class) and nobility, it has over the centuries become a more popularized form of entertainment.

World’s Largest Artificial Cave New Stop on Yangzi River Cruise

Yangzi Explorer has added in a new stop on their Yangzi River Cruise: a visit to the “816 Nuclear Military Plant”, home to the world’s largest artificial cave. A two-hour drive from Chongqing, the plant is a former top-secret Chinese nuclear bunker


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