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Discover the latest innovative experiences on offer in Asia – created to captivate the mind of today’s savvy traveler.

A Taste of Siem Reap (Remork Dine Around)

Khmer cuisine is one of the true pleasures of any visit to Cambodia, with the food scene enjoying a real renaissance in recent years.

Cycling Through History

Discover the enthralling history of Mui Wo on Lantau Island, including the oldest Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong (at over 400 years) and ancient silver mine villages.

Exploring Koyasan and its Hidden Forests on an Ancient Pilgrimage

Our private tour offers guests an exclusive experience in Koyasan, only made possible through a professional guide who is also a monk living in the area.

Bohemian Glamping in Singapore

Some call it luxury camping, others call it glamorous camping – it’s also known as, Glamping! Glamping is Singapore is the meeting of glorious nature and modern luxury.

Five Senses Exotic Island Explorer

Visit some of the lesser known spots on Koh Samui Island - including a wonderful Buddhist temple and a peaceful Buddha garden.


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