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Discover the latest innovative experiences on offer in Asia – created to captivate the mind of today’s savvy traveler.

Welcome Gift Factsheets Now Available

We have designed country-specific ‘Welcome Gift’ factsheets that detail a selection of locally inspired, sustainable products we can order for your clients. They obviously can work as farewell gifts too.

Explore Flores & Komodo with Ananda Luxury Cruises

Destination Asia Indonesia invites you to explore the highlights of Flores without the hassle of traversing over the island’s notoriously poor roads.

Discover the Shaanxi Countryside by Vintage Jeep

Destination Asia China is excited to offer a new tour from Xi'an going off the beaten path in the Shaanxi countryside by vintage convertible jeep: a Beijing Jeep 212.

Soft Trekking at Chu Yang Sin National Park in Vietnam’s Central Highlands

Embark on a half day of soft trekking in Chu Yang Sin National Park, an area known for its stunning and extensive evergreen forests.

Yoga Workshop Retreat in Luang Prabang

Immerse in spiritual teachings and Buddhist practice during a yoga retreat in the heart of Laos. Luang Prabang is perfect location for yoga, owing to its peaceful surroundings and deeply spiritual history.


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