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Discover the latest innovative experiences on offer in Asia – created to captivate the mind of today’s savvy traveler.

Morning Experience in Hanoi by GAZ69 Vintage Jeep

This half-day tour is a chance to experience Hanoi in a Vintage Soviet Era Jeep – GAZ69 model from the 1970s. With this tour delving into the daily life of Hanoians,

Heart to Heart Program Supports Endangered Oragutan

This unique initiative allows the public to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced in conserving an orangutan population that is rapidly in decline.

The Peak Tram to Receive a Make Over

Considered one of the “must-do” attractions when visiting Hong Kong, The Peak Tram, has been transporting visitors up to Victoria Peak for over 130 years and is the steepest funicular railway in the world.

STT Ballooning Takes to the Skies of Bagan

The fleet of balloons managed by STT Ballooning are original Cameron Balloons, one of the most experienced and reputable balloon manufacturers based in the United Kingdom.

Indonesia’s Secluded Paradise of Rote-Ndao Explored

The islands forming the Rote-Ndao Regency are not only Indonesia’s, but also Asia’s southernmost islands. They form part of the Lesser Sunda Islands and are separated from Australia by just a 500 kilometer crossing of the Timor Sea.


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