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Discover the latest innovative experiences on offer in Asia – created to captivate the mind of today’s savvy traveler.

Sunrise Photo Tour with the Fishermen

Destination Asia Vietnam present an exciting new tour created in the charming town of Hoi An, a UNESCO Heritage site surrounded by rivers and paddy fields.

At the Border with India in Myanmar’s Tamu Region

Tamu is a small town located in the Sagaing Division and the border crossing point between India (Moreh, Manipur State) and Myanmar.

Cabana Retreat Pop-up Beach Resort

Centrally located along the Rampayan Beach at Kota Belud, this luxurious pop-up beach resort has all the amenities you’d expect from a high-end hotel without sacrificing any of the luxuries.

Exploring the Seto Inland Sea

The Seto Inland Sea has featured in many international newspapers as a top destination in 2019.

The Call by Medha

A truly unique performance from all female group Medha, displaying several forms of art; including music, chanting and dance - a first for Cambodia!


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