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Spirit Offerings: Behind Asia’s local liquor, beer and bottles

Unwind with our top tipples in Asia. We go further than simply listing some of the great bars to be found in Asia (we do this also), with our breakdown of where to mix your own drinks, uncover traditions behind locally made brews and the latest on all things wine and beer in Asia!

Thai Cooking with a Twist at Bangkok Flower Market

This is a program for those wanting to discover how to cook classic Thai dishes with a creative twist. Many cooking schools now include market tours, but this one takes it to the next level, with the class actually located within Bangkok's famous Flower Market!

A Journey Through Kep & Kampot

Join us as we soar above Kep and Kampot to give a bird’s eye view of these stunning coastal cities (that are more like sleepy villages) in Southern Cambodia.

Cooking Traditional Buddhist Cuisine

Veganism is becoming an ever more popular choice of diet, but this can cause difficulties for those clients travelling to countries where it is still relatively unheard of.

New Aravinda Resort Adds Boutique Option in Ninh Binh

Belonging to Ninh Binh province, 90 km from the south of Ha Noi, Aravinda Resort is a harmonious offering of natural and man-made features.


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